Announcing the Nebula Academy online learning platform

Monday, April 25, 2022 by Greg Schmitz

Smart users lead to better solutions. Evolving better solutions builds a community of smart users. This reflexive mantra is something we constantly think about when designing new products for the Nebula Ecosystem. Today, we are extremely excited to announce our latest milestone, one that captures the raw essence of this community and mentality: Nebula Academy.

Nebula Academy is an online learning platform that enables attorneys, administrators, project managers, and industry professionals to improve their Nebula proficiency. Nebula Academy organizes rich educational content around role-based curriculum, each leading up to an opportunity for examination and certification. As a whole, Nebula Academy is designed to engage and enrich all users; however, each course is meticulously curated to educate specific user groups and members.

Nebula Academy will help legal review teams and entire organizations scale their training quickly and efficiently. Our inaugural course - Nebula Reviewer Fundamentals - can be completed in under one hour, making it not only rewarding and educational, but also very cost-effective as an onboarding solution. Future courses will be more intensive, but we’ll always be mindful of the value of our users’ time.

Simply providing education on how to use Nebula is great, but the real goal of Nebula Academy is to help our community maximize productivity while revolutionizing the way they think about eDiscovery. Nebula is an enormously powerful application brimming with automation, AI, and data intelligence. As such, the skills and best practices learned in these courses will dramatically improve day-to-day workloads and help create superior experiences and internal processes for our customers.

For more information about Nebula Academy and to join the community, please visit

Happy learning!

Greg Schmitz

Greg is the Sr. Program Manager for the Nebula Ecosystem at KLDiscovery. He has been in the industry for 18 years and has a love of the technology needed to manage all sizes of litigation, finding efficiencies and consulting on better ways of handling data situations. Away from the office, Greg works on his golf game and fishing skills. He possesses a true Minnesotan accent and a zest for humor.